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No Chain to break or come off
No external gears or parts
No more greasy hands and legs
No more ripped pants or pinched fingers

Smooth and quiet with very low maintenance

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What People are Saying...
Taryn from Davis, CA
"I go to school at UC Davis and my bike is my sole method of transportation. My dad bought me a shaft drive incline bike to replace my old chain drive bike. In addition to being much smoother and quieter than my old bike, I really like getting to class without chain grease all over my pants. It's a great way to get around campus without wardrobe limitations!"


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
about the Shaft Drive Transmission System and Chainless Bicycle

How many different types of shaft drive do you produce?

o Two sizes: (a) 390mm for children's bikes, and (b) 440mm for adult bikes.
o Two different rear-hub gears. The rear-hub gear for single speed is different from that of 3,4,5, and 7 speed, since it has to adapt to the internal hubs.
o The design of the shaft-drive transmission system (SDTS) (e.g. length, gear size, gear housing, etc.) can be modified if quantity warrants.

What are the parts of the shaft drive made from?

o The shaft and gear housings - aluminum alloy
o Bevel gears - chromoly.
o The transmission and crank axles - strong carbon steel alloy (S45C).

What is the gear ratio and resistance level?

o The SDTS gear ratio is 2.077 (one revolution of the pedal turns the rear wheel 2.077 turns).
When coupled with a Sram-Sachs 7-speed internal rear hub, the first gear ratio is 1.2 and the distance it travels is 2.6 meters; the 7th gear ratio is 3.5 and the distance is 7.3 meters.
o In comparison, a 21-speed derailleur system (28/38148:13/15/17119122126132) gear ratio is from 0.9 to 3.7, and travels from 2.0 meters at the lowest gear to 8.2 meters at the highest gear (28" tire).
o SDTS has less loss of power due to better efficiency (99% vs.95%)

How heavy is the drive shaft? How much will it add to the weight of a bicycle?

o SDTS weighs 4.3 lbs. (1 kgF2.2 lbs.)
o A bicycle using cromoly frame and the SDTS weights about 16-17 kgs.
o Presumed efficiency on a high quality chain system for bicycles is 95%. This means that, for a cyclist plus bicycle weighting 95 kgs, the final rated loss of power is 3.0 to 3.5 kgs compared to a shaft/gear bicycle with 17 kgs plus 78 kgs cyclist (same 95 kgs) will have an effective bicycle weight on riding of 13.5 to 14.0 kgs (due to 99—/O efficiency) without sacrificing its resistance.

Can existing bikes be retrofitted with SDTS?

o No. SDTS needs a wider and shorter bottom bracket shell and special dropouts. However, once the bicycle frame is built to adopt the SDTS, other bicycle parts can be added to build a dream bicycle.

What are the advantages over the traditional bicycles?

o Safe: no chain to fall off, no chain bite on pants or skirts. - Clean: axles and gears enclosed - no grease/oil exposure.
o Low maintenance: durable bevel gears remain true year in and year out. Quiet and smooth ride: less loss of power due to better efficiency.
o Simple: no complex derailleur/ chainwheels; use internal gear/speed-shifting system.

How many speeds can the bicycle have?

o It has the- capacity for up to 7 speeds.
o SDTS is compatible with brand name rear intrnal hubs - Japan's Shimano, 3, 4 and 7 speeds, England's Sturmey Archer 3 speeds, and SRAM-Sachs' 3,5, and 7 speeds. It uses any one-speed rear hub.

How often do you have to add grease?

o Fill grease in the gearbox after first 500km.
o Thereafter every 4-6 months under normal use.
o Recommend using good quality grease for best performance.
o (or lifetime grease which does not need replacement).
o A cover under the gear housing can be removed for filling grease.

Does your company guarantee quality of the products?

o Yes, we guarantee that all parts of the SDTS and chainless bicycles are free from manufacturing defects for one year.
o SDTS's gears are made from strong alloy and of good quality.
o Under normal use, the gears will not fray for a long time.

Bicycle Packaging:

o One bicycle to one box: 70% to 95% assembled according to customer's choice.
o Size/dimension: 54'L x 7.5" W x 28.5" H = 6.8 cubic feet.
o Gross weight: 16-19 kgs, depending on model selected.