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No Chain to break or come off
No external gears or parts
No more greasy hands and legs
No more ripped pants or pinched fingers

Smooth and quiet with very low maintenance

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What People are Saying...
"...has obvious benefits for those who don't look forward to cleaning their chains and sprockets after a trail ride on muddy surfaces."
-Cycling Plus Magazine

about us

WebBicycle.com is the world's largest distributor and reseller of Incline Shaft Drive Bicycles and since we are the US distributor we can offer wholesale pricing to the consumer market.

Our staff, with over 40 years of combined bicycle industry experience has put together a high-quality product, the Incline Shaft Drive bikes, which are a perfect fit for 90% of all cyclists. These bikes are designed to be easy to use, quiet and have a very low maintenance cycle, unlike all other chain driven bicycles. These bikes are a cross between mountian bikes, beach cruisers, and hybrids. You can adjust the seat and stems to fit your riding style. The Incline bikes are designed with the patented Direct Glide Shaft Drive System and a smooth shifting internal rear hub. The Direct Glide Shaft Drive is warranted for 2 years, as well as all of the components. The frames and forks are warranted for 5 years. We hope you have the chance to ride one of our Incline bikes because we're positive that they will provide you with years of cycling enjoyment. We understand that you would much rather be out riding your bike than fixing or adjusting derailuers, chains and gears.

Get ready to start enjoying bicycling again, without all of the pains of greasy, broken chains. No more complicated chain rings, derailleurs, shifters and sprockets. The Incline line of shaft driven bikes is perfect for those of you who enjoy bicycling as a relaxing and healthy sport. And if you are a bicycle commuter, you'll never have to worry about getting your pant legs caught in the chain or breaking down due to a broken chain or drive system. The Inlcine bikes feature an exceptionally quiet and smooth ride. This drive system is revolutionary, as well as being a proven technology. The drive system is built around a stainless steel Chromoly shaft, which is sealed in an aluminum case and is attached to a high-quality internal rear hub (Nexus 7 speed or Sturmey Archer 3 speed). For riders, this means exceptional performance without chain grime, corrosion, or gear-grinding and best of all…very low maintenance. To top it all off, we’ve surrounded the bike with high-quality parts from Shimano, Avid, Weinmann, Kenda and Velo. These bikes are designed for cruising on bike paths near your home, beach, woods, lakes and they can also handle any light trail duty so come out and join us!


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